Development framework for building multiplayer games.
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Data Persistence

Hathora provides an intuitive persistence layer out of the box – update the in-memory game state and the framework handles persistence. You never have to write database queries, even as the application logic gets complex.Learn more

State Sync

All connected clients always have an up-to-date model of the in-memory game state. Behind the scenes, Hathora uses WebSockets to broadcast and receive updates from the game servers, but the game developer will never have to deal with WebSocket, HTTP or TCP code to get a fully functioning game running. Learn more

Optimized Networking

Hathora takes advantage of the declarative data model by generating an optimized binary protocol for your data. Combined with powerful delta compression techniques, Hathora messages are many multiples smaller than equivalent messages using JSON snapshots.

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I’m a dev that makes web games but I’ve always wanted to spend more time building the game logic and UI and less on the networking and infrastructure stuff. I think Hathora is a great way to make your next game idea wayyy faster. -jkchu
The workflow. I never have to leave my IDE to create types, just switch to editing YAML, then back to typescript. And the built in components works well enough to test that the game loop is working, before I go off building my own UI. -yawnypants5000
Hathora seems like a big step in the right direction and I really like the prototype the point where I'm embarassed I haven't already built something like it. -ry